• Laura Rogers

    Laura Rogers

    SharePoint consultant, author and speaker, Microsoft MVP, complete SharePoint and Office 365 geek. SharePoint and InfoPath books: http://amzn.to/pGErkE

  • Christine A. Green

    Christine A. Green

  • Nathan Hannah

    Nathan Hannah

  • Megan Strant

    Megan Strant

    Change Management Consultant and Microsoft MVP passionate about driving advanced ways of working with Office 365 and to improve end-user experience.

  • Percy Avendaño Gutierrez

    Percy Avendaño Gutierrez

    Me especializo en la creación de estrategias de contenidos que ayudan a los dueños de negocios locales a desenvolverse frente a la audiencia digital.

  • Punit Nathani

    Punit Nathani

    Thinker, Believer, Rational, Calm, Insane, Cynic, Sceptical - in short a Scorpion INTP.

  • Snipply


  • Pete Bostrom

    Pete Bostrom

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